Why Penis Size Doesn’t Actually Matter For Pleasure

Why Penis Size Doesn’t Actually Matter For Pleasure

There you stand at the urinal, alone with your meat out. Someone comes in…there’s three urinals, you’re on the right. Good thing you planned this out accordingly. JUST IN CASE someone came in, your meat sticks won’t be next to each other inches away from your peripheral. RIGHT?? But what do they do…they grab the one in the middle!! The fucking middle. Suddenly, it’s hard to pee. while you look down to zip up they’re zip down. Without realizing your eyes accidently dart right to the sound. Immediately the voice in your head shouts “They’re a SHOWER!” There’s no way you’re looking at a soft 7 inch penis. But you are.

The obsession with size

Men have grown to obsess over the size of their penis. We relate big to better. Quantity over Quality. With penis jokes circling the sandbox to the locker rooms all the way to the office jobs. A large penis has been sensationalized by porn, music, and peers.

One thing can be said about a porn star’s big hard cock is that more often than not it is manipulated by penis enhancers and angles. The same experience goes for women on a porn set. It is entertainment.

According to Zion’s Market Research, the Global Erectile Dysfunction industry (a.k.a dick pills) will hit $5.94 billion by 2028! While the penile enlargement industry hit 469.8 million in 2020. Sounds like there’s a lot of money to be made off of penis insecurities.

5 Reasons why you shouldn’t care:

The comfort size

The average erect penis size in America is 12.7 centimeters! That sounds like a-lot if you say it in centimeters. Okay okay…equates to 5 inches. When you think about how much 5 inches is when we look at how deep a vagina becomes when aroused (around 4-8 inches) then you realize that your penis was designed with this in mind.

There’s a large misconception that men believe if it hurts she’s really enjoying it. Chances are bud she’s screaming in pain if you’re just trying to ram your dick in. Now imagine how uncomfortable it can be for a vulva owner being faced with a large penis, with that kind of power comes a great responsibility.

This adds to the important emphasis that no matter your size, when it comes to partnered sex the person on the other end isn’t experiencing unwanted pain during sex. The benefits of a large penis can have the same benefits of an average size penis when you communicate how to pleasure your partner.

Worrying about Penis Size contributes to transphobia

Transgender and non-binary folk seeking gender affirming surgeries or simply wanting a pharoplasty procedure also usually range from 5-6 inches. The length and the girth are dependent on where you retrieve the skin graft and how much fat is in that area. The penis can even be 3-4 inches if the client so choses.

For example the thighs are primarily used to create a thicker penis. The length is determined by how much skin is available in that area. Because of these many variables there are limitations on how one designs their penis. While the option exists to have a larger penis most doctors will stray away from those surgeries as it can create issues for the urethra hook.

This is never going to be a procedure you have to have which puts you in a highly privileged position. Obsessing about wanting a larger penis doesn’t acknowledge trans and non-binary folks needs from the conversation that they are very much apart of. Not to mention, some men do not want to undergo a pharoplasty surgery. With that being said having a penis doesn’t define someone’s manhood or masculinity. Making penis size absolutely useless. More on that next.


In 2023 I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise to men anymore. Most women aren’t cumming from a penis! A study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine from 2014 discovered that lesbians were likely to reach climax, with 75% of lesbians orgasming, rather only 61% for straight women. That should let you know it doesn’t take a penis to make a woman cum.

In a study group of 52,000 people done by the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that 95% of hetero men cum usually or every single time! While heterosexual women sit at a lousy 65%! The orgasm gap is huge and it should be a big concern to men. With the hyper fixation of your penis size and the focus to pound that ass it’s safe to say your head is in the wrong space.

Being a Good Lover Matters More Than Your Dick Size

I can assure you that your penis feels really good the moment the head enters something soft, wet, and warm. That’s likely not even an inch of you! So no matter 3-inches or 8-inches the penis is instantly stimulated. This is due to the 4,000 nerve ending in the head alone!

While vulva owners and women are more likely to experience an orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Since there DOUBLE the nerve-endings in the clitoris making that a glorious 8 freaking thousand! Wow, truly so magnificent. An organ entirely designed for pleasure yet it gets neglected so often – see the oldest fable: everything wrong with the clitoris narrative for more of what I mean.

Sex is meant to be pleasurable. Chances are your partner doesn’t care about the size of your penis if you utilize other forms of pleasure and foreplay. While penetration can be a great feeling for many women, sex isn’t only limited to penetration. Being good at sex simply takes getting to know what feels good for your partner.

Great Sex is Possible With a Small, Average, or Large penis

Penises come in all different shapes and sizes. Some lean more into girth while some lean more to length. Others lean (curve) left or right! All of them have their unique qualities that can make pleasure so fun. The best way to maximize enjoyable sex is asking your partner how can you pleasure them? They may be different from your previous partner.

Finding ways to incorporate toys that stimulate the clitoris, or the g-spot, or both is an added bonus on utilizing the accessible tools for great sex.

No matter what your size is, in the end it doesn’t really matter. Pleasure looks so different and for the majority it isn’t even penetrative sex that provides the most orgasms. Whew! Doesn’t that feel like way less pressure.

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