Is hookup culture for you? Take the quiz now

Is hookup culture for you? Take the quiz now

In the continuous fight for women’s rights the rise of hookup culture increased. In many ways hookup culture allowed for women to take back their sexuality and pleasure.

The real life experiences of women being blamed, antagonized, and harassed for simply existing amongst a patriarchal world can leave us feeling limited in life, unsafe, and guilty. Yet science proves that the clitoris is solely designed for pleasure with over 8,000 nerve endings.

So why is it that women and our bodies have been used as a tool to shame when we want to simply experience sex for nothing more than that? Sex. By taking back our power through defining sexuality for ourselves it has manifested into glorious results of advocacy, new laws, placing boundaries, monetizing off our bodies in a way that feels safe, learning how to say “no” to sex and how to say “oh yesss gimmie” to sex & the list goes on and on.

Although, sometimes as we get in the mix of the culture we can find ourselves trying to be liberated in a way that doesn’t suit our needs. Hookup culture does not serve everyone equally. Especially when you find that in your heterosexual hookups the men are benefiting more than you.

I created this 11 question quiz to test if Hook Up Culture is benefiting you:

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